Your prices include the following:



  1. Box(es), Customs/Declaration Form, and Tape (only with Free box delivery)

  2. Freight Cost from Copenhagen to receivers address in the Philippines.

  3. Free Box pick-up in all parts of Denmark connected via bridges
    (pick-up of small box within Fyn/Jylland, if there is a medium or large as well)
  4. Free box delivery of Medium, Large and X-Large boxes within Copenhagen and
    Odense, a radius of 25km.

  5. Deliveries outside of Copenhagen and Odense with a radius of 25km
    - an additional Dkr. 160 to cover the postage cost. "upto 6 boxes"
    (outside this area you may collect the box from a contactperson near your place)



PROHIBITED CONTENTS:    Prohibited Items in Balikbayan Boxes to Philippines: Tires, Rims, Spare Parts, Petrol-Gasoline operated Machines-Equipments, Air Guns, Guns, Rifles, Gasoline, Alcohol, Detergents and/or any liquid, Paints and related Materials, Batteries, or any materials with Alkaline Dangerous Goods contents, all commercial items.   All Fragile and delicate items must be Properly Packed and must be secured in a WOODEN CRATE.

Box Information

We now have new and improved boxes which are more stronger and dureable.

we offer 3 different sizes: Multibox - Adjustable box of 3 sizes 

XL                      L                      M          

58X58X76         58X58X62         58X58X50         

Max 90 kg          Max 80 kg          Max 70 kg         



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